All Age Carers Strategy 2021 -2025


1. Introduction

Purpose of this consultation

Caring for a family member or friend, unpaid, is a vital, valuable and important contribution to the delivery of adult social care and health services. You are the expert in care for those you look after, and we are asking you to help us finalise the new 'All Age Carers Strategy (2021-2025)' which aims to:
  • adapt local services to identify and support carers in their caring role
  • help adult carers live a life outside of caring
  • support young carers to access meaningful respite that reduces the negative impact of their caring role
  • review our cared for services in conjunction with their carers.
At the moment the strategy is still in the process of being co-produced, we are engaging with lots of carers to ensure everyone has the opportunity to have their say. This particular survey aims to gain your views on the overall vision and priorities within the draft strategy. 

Please review the draft 'all age carers strategy' and share your views on what you think of it, and how you think it might be improved.

Once the consultation closes, we will analyse all responses, and publish a summary report of them online on our consultation webpages, and make changes to the strategy where needed in light of the feedback received. We are also planning a shorter executive summary to supplement the main strategy. 

Submitting your comments

Please submit your consultation response by
17th January 2022.

For any queries about this consultation, e.g. if you would like to receive this questionnaire in an alternative format or submit your response in a different way, please call Customer Services on 0300 123 55 00.

Your confidentiality is assured
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