Crossing Strategy Consultation 2024

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Purpose of this consultation

Cheshire East Council's current crossing strategy was approved for adoption in December 2011, and sets out how locations for new pedestrian crossings in Cheshire East are identified.

The council is now consulting on an updated draft of its crossing strategy. The updated strategy proposes a consistent approach which the council will take to managing new and existing pedestrian crossings on the highway network.
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Reasons for updating the strategy

The demand for pedestrian crossings exceeds the council’s available funding each year, meaning the council needs a consistent way of prioritising which locations should receive new crossings, and which should not.

Within the current strategy, assessments for new pedestrian crossings are mainly based on a simple formula which measures the level of traffic against the level of pedestrian activity in an area, to determine whether a pedestrian crossing is needed. This formula is called the PV2 method, and is felt to be too simplistic.

Within the updated draft strategy, a new prioritisation matrix has been proposed to help assess where new crossings are needed. This prioritisation matrix consists of 8 areas, and incorporates a formal qualitative assessment of sites, as well as an informal consultation with the Ward Councillor/s and relevant Town or Parish Council. This new approach will also take into account local facilities that generate pedestrian trips, such as shops, schools and other community facilities.

The aim of the new proposed approach is to identify suppressed demand for crossings and to factor in local support for the proposals. This will provide a greater depth of information at an earlier stage in the assessment, to help inform decisions about where new pedestrian crossings should be located.
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Give your feedback

You can give your feedback on this consultation by:
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This consultation will close on 10 March 2024.
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