FlexiLink: Service Proposals



What is FlexiLink?
FlexiLink is a flexible bus service that provides shared transport to users who specify their desired location and time of pick-up and drop-off. FlexiLink provides access to key services (such as shopping and health services) for those residents who are eligible: 
  • The service is available to those who are aged 80+,  have a disability, or live beyond the reach of any other public transport
  • The current fare is £3 per journey or free if you have a concessionary bus pass
  • The core hours of the service are between 9.30am and 2.30pm Monday to Friday
  • The FlexiLink service currently picks service users up from their own home
  • All journeys must be pre-booked at least 48 hours in advance via telephone

Purpose of this consultation
Cheshire East Council are currently reviewing the FlexiLink service to understand how the service has been performing, with an assessment of efficiency, affordability and value for money. The review so far has identified a number of significant challenges, including low levels of demand, under-utilised vehicles and often inefficient vehicle use due to a lack of automated routing and scheduling software. We have therefore identified a set of potential proposals to expand & improve the service, ensuring it is more efficient, cost effective and sustainable. 

The draft proposals in summary are:
  • Make the service available to more age groups and regardless of ability so that more residents can use the service
  • Introduce a fare for concessionary pass holders to improve cost effectiveness of the service
  • Move to designated pick-up points to improve efficiency of the service
  • Adjust the operating hours of the service to cater for more journeys
  • Improve the booking system so that users are able to book onto the service online / via an app as well as by telephone
  • Provide an option to connect to existing bus and rail services to enable onward journeys
Please review the supporting committee paper for further information and background on this review / the draft proposals. 
Submitting your comments
Please submit your consultation response by 30 September 2023 by completing this questionnaire. 

For any queries about this consultation, e.g. if you would like to receive this questionnaire in an alternative format or submit your response in a different way, please email the Research and Consultation team RandC@cheshireeast.gov.uk. If you do not have email access please call Customer Services on 0300 123 55 00 who will send the response on your behalf.

Once the consultation closes we will analyse all responses, produce a summary report of them, and publish this online on our consultation results webpage.
Keeping your data safe

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