Cemeteries Strategy and Regulations 2022 – Consultation

The council's Cemeteries Strategy and Cemetery Regulations

Cheshire East Council has a Cemeteries Strategy and a set of Cemetery Regulations.

The purpose of the Cemeteries Strategy is to optimise the use of land within the council’s cemeteries to meet future needs for local burials and memorials for as long as possible.

The Cemetery Regulations are the general terms and conditions under which Cheshire East Council operates its cemeteries. They are designed to ensure the safe and peaceful operation and enjoyment of the cemeteries for all visitors and staff.

The current Cheshire East burial and cremation facilities include Alderley Edge Cemetery, Congleton Cemetery, Crewe Coppenhall Cemetery, Crewe Badger Avenue Cemetery and Crematorium, Crewe Meadow Brook Cemetery, Macclesfield Cemetery and Crematorium, Nantwich Cemetery, Sandbach Cemetery, Weston Cemetery and Wilmslow Cemetery.
Consultation on the Cemeteries Strategy and Cemetery Regulations

The council wishes to update both the Cemeteries Strategy and its Cemeteries Regulations, and so is engaging with stakeholders to ensure that all opinions and views are sought and understood, before both documents are updated and presented to the Environment and Communities Committee for debate and adoption.

In addition to hearing your ideas and opinions, the main change we are proposing in the update of the Cemeteries Strategy is to make future burial provision available at all existing council cemeteries, by extending them where possible to provide more local provision, rather than focusing provision only in 2 principal burial facilities in Crewe and Macclesfield, as the existing strategy sets out.

The indicative timeline for this consultation is as follows:
October to November 2022 > Consultation on the Strategy and Regulations
November to December 2022 > Production of a summary report of findings
December 2022 > Update the Strategy and Regulations based on consultation feedback
March 2023 > Presentation of adopted Strategy and Regulations to Environment and Communities Committee for further public feedback
March to May 2023 > Adoption of the updated Strategy and Regulations by the council

Giving your feedback

We would now like your feedback, you can submit your comments either by:
  • Completing this short online survey
  • Emailing RandC@cheshireeast.gov.uk
  • Writing to Research and Consultation, Westfields, Middlewich Road, Sandbach, CW11 1HZ
Please submit your response by 17:00 on 9 December 2022.
If you have any queries about this consultation, or if you would like to receive this questionnaire in an alternative format including having a paper version of the survey sent to your home for completion, please email RandC@cheshireeast.gov.uk.

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