Proposed Transfer of Sandbach Leisure Centre Assets to Sandbach High School


1. Introduction

The Council is proposing to transfer additional land and buildings that are currently part of the Leisure Centre to Sandbach High School. This forms part of an unresolved agreement between the School and the Council, but we have now provisionally agreed a way forward to resolve the outstanding matters. 
The proposal, if agreed, would result in the transfer of the ground floor changing room, a section of corridor linking the school and leisure centre, and a strip of adjacent external land. These areas are shown coloured blue on the below plan. You can view a bigger version of the plan here.

The ground floor changing room and adjacent corridor are no longer used by the Leisure Centre since changing facilities were installed in 2017 as part of the project to convert the squash courts into new gym facilities. Transferring these areas would ensure there is a clear boundary between the Leisure Centre and School sites that better reflects current and future use. It will also reduce the cleaning and maintenance costs and liabilities to the Council for these areas that are no longer used by the leisure centre. The leisure centre would still be owned by the Council and use of it would remain unchanged.

Transferring these additional areas will enable the School in the future to establish a secure school entrance adjacent to the bus pick up and drop off areas.
Further detail and background on the proposal can be viewed on the Portfolio Holder decision details. It is advised that you read through these documents before filling out the survey.
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