Changes to the Council Tax Support scheme 2022/23



What is the Council Tax support scheme?
The Council Tax support scheme gives you a reduction on your Council Tax bill if you are on a low income. 

Why is a change to the Council Tax Support scheme being considered?
We have seen a large rise in claims from those of working age during the Covid pandemic. To help with the additional financial pressures households are facing as a result of the pandemic the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has provided the Council with a grant of £3.37m (the Local Council Tax Support Schemes grant).  We intend to fully use this to increase Council Tax Support.

Who will these changes affect?
Working age households who currently receive, or will apply for, Council Tax Support may be affected by some or all of the proposals.  Pension age households will not be affected as Central Government prescribes the scheme for them.  However, where a couple has one partner of pension age and one partner is of working age, they will be affected. 
What are the proposals?
This consultation seeks views on the following proposals:
Increasing awards
  1. Increase the cap on the maximum award from band B to band D
  2. Increase the maximum award for those passported to 100% from 75%
  3. Increase the maximum for other groups in the lowest income bands to 80% from 75%
  4. Disregard Industrial Injuries Disablement benefit and Industrial Death benefit in full 
  5. Disregard childcare allowance from those working and in receipt of Universal Credit
Mixed awards 
  1. Small reductions in the income levels of the bands for those not on the lowest income
Decreasing awards
  1. Increase the fixed non-dependant deductions from £8 to £9 per week and increase each year in line with CPI (the same as the income bands)
  2. Reduce the earnings disregard for single people and couples without children to £20 instead of £25 per week
For more information on the proposals please refer to the supporting document (PDF 272.0 KB). We recommend that you keep this open in a separate tab / window so that you can refer to it as and when needed. 
When does the consultation end?
Please complete this survey by 19 September 2021.

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